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Whether your business is a small home-based business, or a large corporation with multiple locations around the globe, you can reduce your company's cost and improve productivity by streamlining multiple tasks into one document. From a single card to sophisticated forms and mailers containing multiple features, Profusion documents give you increased value, cost savings and simplicity through product integration.

Profusion Integrated Card & Label Forms solve problems by combining two distinct functions into one document, eliminating the process of matching a label or a card with its corresponding form. Integrated documents give you the ability to create and distribute dynamic marketing pieces, personalized for each recipient at your standard laser or inkjet printer.

A Form/Label combination is two or more forms combined into one. An adhesive label can be integrated into a multi-part or single sheet that can be processed through standard laser and ink jet printers. For example, integrating shipping labels and return labels into your invoices or packing slips can reduce order-processing time.

A Form/Card combination incorporates a card into a letter, instead of being affixed to the top of the paper; it is actually incorporated into the paper, eliminating the need of a second printing of stand-alone cards. For example, you can integrate a membership card or valued customer card into a welcome letter or use an integrated magnet combined with a thank you letter to give your customer a magnetic business card for easy reference.